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Jonathan Moyo attacks General Sibanda

Jonathan Moyo

Exiled Professor Jonathan Moyo has condemned Army Commander Philip Valerio Sibanda for encouraging youths to emulate the late coloniser Cecil John Rhodes.

Commenting on an article that appeared on New Zimbabwe Prof. Moyo said, “The skeletons of their ideological bankruptcy are tumbling out of the junta cupboards. Next they’ll be urging the youth to emulate Hitler!”

When someone asked Prof Moyo whether Prof Moyo was not misquoting Sibanda who said he does not worship Rhodes after telling the youths to emulate him
Shame. You reckon it’s ok for a whole ZDF Commander to urge the youth to emulate Rhodes because he was also quick to say he does not worship Rhodes?” Moyo replied. “Bullcrap. How will the youth access what he wants them to emulate about Rhodes without being exposed to the evils of the devil?”

Sibanda was addressing the Young Farmers Association inaugural dinner last week.

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