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I was r@ped says Linda Masarira

Linda Masarira

The National Spokesperson of the opposition MDC-T Linda Masarira has reported that she is a victim of s-e-xual abuse when she r@ped at the age 17.

Linda posted on micro-blo9gging site Twitter commemorating the 2018 edition of the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence.

Said Linda, “This year I will tell my story. It’s not easy to get over rape. When I was 17 I was r@ped, it shattered my dreams  and my plans but it also made me bold  and independent to fight for gender justice. If you are a r@pe survivor get professional counseling

Linda Masarira

“I felt dirty, useless, used and at one time I nearly thought of committing suicide, but my inner self wouldn’t entertain that thought. A lot of rape survivors go through this even after getting married if they didn’t get professional counseling.”

Linda further gave advise to women and girls find themselves as victims of r@pe

If you were r@ped, stop feeling sorry for yourself, it’s not your fault, you are special. You are a survivor and not a victim you are more than a conqueror. God loves you.

“Every trial and tribulation I went through in my life made stronger and more tenacious. It’s not easy going through two rape incidences as a minor. I have gotten over it and use my spare time to inspire those who went through what I went through to love themselves”

Linda Masarira is a mother to 5 children. She is the  founder of the Zimbabwe Women in Politics Alliance(ZWPA). Masarira is very passionate about fighting for democracy in Zimbabwe.

Masarira is a widow and former employee of the National Railways of Zimbabwe

Source: Bulawayonews