Home Zimbabwe News Maid Of Honor Sleeps With Groom, Gets Pregnant

Maid Of Honor Sleeps With Groom, Gets Pregnant

Maid Of Honor Sleeps With Groom

A maid of honour has been exposed after she got pregnant by her friend’s newlywed husband.

According to a page which published the story, the woman claimed the friend helped her with her wedding while she was already sleeping with the soon t be husband.

Check the story below:
She helped me to plan my wedding knowing very well that she is sleeping with my husband. On top of that, she was pregnant with his child.

Portia Gumbo you broke my heart. She even asked me to take a loan for my wedding to be big. But deep down she was eating my relationship piece by piece. Today I am single and paying for a loan of a wedding that didn’t work out.

A loan that I was advised to take a friend who was sleeping with my husband. A friend that I trusted with my life and a man I love broke me

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