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Mzoe 7 has a crush on KVG

Who is your everyday crush?

“I gat a crush on KVG, dat gal she so pretty.”

The feeling is just too overwhelming, Bulawayo-based musician could not help but tell it all in his new song. Radio personality Kudzai Violet Gwara (KVG) is the mystery woman who has had a firm grip on the muso’s heart.

SWG (samewhatsappgroup) is a song that touches on people who contribute negatively towards other people and encourages people to remove such characters from their lives (group).

“SWG is my new single which advises people to move away from negative people and the title of the song was inspired by an application called Whatsapp where people with the same interests
form groups and chat about what they have in common and those with different interests are removed. The removed people from the group represent the negative people in our lives and those
in the group represent those we get along with,” said Mzoe7.

In the song he sings about his wish to be rich like Ginimbi, make people smile and laugh like Mai Titi, work hard like Cal_vin and come out on his crush KVG, how beautiful she is and how much he admires her. It is an Afro dance song with a beat by Murphy Cubic, recorded by Cal_vin and released under Tizzie Studios.

“I am crushing on KVG the beautiful Star FM presenter and l decided to put that on my song. My Whatsapp group people are seless people like Mai Titi who travelled all the way from Harare to meet up with Bulawayo artistes and encourage them to embrace their brands,” he added.

The song was released together with its video which features the award winning dance groups Xplosions, Xtramile and Western cousins.

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