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Nancy speaks out: Jabu munhu akadzidza haangamborove nyoro… Video

Nancy speaks out: Jabu munhu akadzidza haangamborove nyoro… Video. The million dollar question that everyone has been asking was who was that lady who was in the video with Denzel Burutsa aka Jabu from Studio 263? Thanks to the latest video we now know that her name is Nancy Soko Mwenewazvo Masiyambiri and we gotta say she really did leave a mark.

Nancy Masiyambiri

Back to the story in hand Jabu apparently leaked his s.e.xtape after he tried to blackmail Nancy threatening to leak the tape. Nancy Masiyambiri has since decided to come clean and apologise to the people of Zimbabwe. In the video she released, she claims that Denzel Burutsa first tried to blackmail her with a picture but that didn’t work and she even reported the matter to the police.

Despite knowing the fact that Denzel Burutsa aka Jabu Jari is married she continued to date him even after the incident. In the video she also admitted to cheating her boyfriend in China who built her a two storey house, but all the same, she is the lead actor in the Jabu, Nancy s.e.xtape.

Even though she is blaming Jabu for the leaked video, we were surprised when she complimented Jabu that munhu akadzidza haangamborove nyoro when he knows that I’m sick Nancy said. Which then means these two have still something going on. Be sure to watch the video below…

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