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Nelson Chamisa goes after Mnangagwa’s police

Nelson Chamisa

Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa has upped the ante in his war with President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his administration – by confronting police chiefs over the recent spate of abductions and savage beatings of his supporters.

This comes as the ruling Zanu-PF is pushing the police to arrest the youthful MDC leader over remarks he made during a campaign rally in Glen View on Sunday – where he warned Mnangagwa that his pursuit of peace did not mean that the opposition could not resort to using firearms in the face of vicious crackdown on his supporters.

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In other news – Nigerians to leave South Africa on Friday

Nigerians living in South Africa have been offered to voluntary leave the country with the assistance of the Nigerian Embassy in South Africa.

Nigerian Embassy in South Africa

Aljazeera Senior journalist Haru Mutasa reported that “Nigeria is set to begin a voluntary repatriation of its citizens in South Africa. Nigeria’s foreign affairs minister announced this on Wednesday saying the exercise will commence tomorrow Friday. The government asked citizens interested to go to the country’s embassy in Pretoria.” continue reading

Source – Daily News