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Sanctions divide Emmerson Mnangagwa’s new dispensation

The sanctions must go mantra has sharply divided the Emmerson Mnangagwa led New dispensation. A twar between ZANU PF Gokwe Nembudziya Member of Parliament Mayor justice wadyajena AND THE Ministry of Information and Publicity erupted after the latter posted a tweet alleging sanction are inhibiting them from acquiring security equipment.

“Illegal sanctions have made it difficult for the country to pay its foreign equipment suppliers as all payments could be intercepted by US authorities. The country is also failing to acquire equipment like the technical monitoring system from Germany due to sanctions.”The ministry said.

Wadyajena was quick to blast the ministry over their allegation. “The mere mention of SANCTIONS draws us back to the ways of the Old Dispensation! Cde Nick Mangwana, reclaim password for this account. This new handler s reasoning is lazy. His Excellency Mnangagwa says we must not blame sanctions for our incompetence and failure to come up with solutions.”

Emmerson Mnangagwa

The ministry did not take Wadyajena’s words likely. “For your own information, this is not an excuse. It is just a hurdle we will overcome. All we want is to inform the public about the progress made. Like the President said, sanctions will not stop us from reforming our economy. We will do our best under the circumstances.

You will recall that some former ZBC staffers are on trial regarding cases of malfeasance at the national broadcaster. We will not comment on that as the matter is at the courts. But let us remind you that we will continue to modernise our broadcasting spectrum. Work is underway!

“The buying of other materials is different to buying security equipment like broadcasting material. Buying things like cars can be done through third parties unlike security equipment that is acquired directly from source markets and require traceable references.

“Please note that government has secured some funds for the digitisation project. The problem brought by sanctions is on transferring the money to foreign contractors or to acquire equipment. Good day.”

Source: Newsday

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