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Nick Jonas and Priyanka are on the lookout for R296 million mansion

Nick Jonas has sold his bachelor pad so he can buy a R 296 million mansion with his wife Priyanka Chopra in Beverly Hills. The Jonas Brothers star is on the lookout for a R296 million mansion in Bel-Air and Beverly Hills after netting an impressive R102 million on the sale of his exclusive Beverly Hills Post Office neighbourhood home after purchasing it for R96 million in 2018.

Despite being a home meant for just him, his pad had five bedrooms and four bathrooms as well as an infinity pool with views of the nearby hills and canyons.
Even though they are looking for a mansion to share, the couple – who tied the knot in December 2018 – aren’t rushing to have children. An insider said: “Nick and Priyanka want kids, but right now it’s not a priority. Both are extremely busy, and with the Jonas Brothers reuniting and being a massive success the couple is conscious [of] how much time the tour takes up.

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra,

Meanwhile, Jonas Brothers star Nick previously said he was keen to become a father, but wouldn’t say how soon he expected to welcome his first child.

He said: “I definitely want to be a father someday. I think that’s a real dream, and I think I have had to grow up pretty quick. With that, you could look at it two ways. You could say that was unfair, or you could say it has given me some real perspective at an early age.

And Priyanka would love to leave a worthy “legacy” for her children.

She said: “I want to change the world a little bit. My big endgame is creating a formidable career and legacy for myself, but at the same time I want to have moved something. I want my existence to have meant something. I want my kids to turn around and be like, ‘Yeah, that was my mom.

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