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Nox and Jay C kiss and make-up


The artist has spent the whole of last week throwing shade to each other over a lady that used to date Jay C who is now dating Nox. Nox went on to release a song with Freeman dissing Jay C over the woman. In response, Jay C also dropped a diss track attacking Nox. But the two have now settled the dust and they claim they have bury the hatchet.
Jay C told a local tabloid that they were all okay…

Jay C “Nox Apologized “ In an interview with Jay C he told the publication (@eyes_of263 ) that Nox apologized about what was happening the previous week. Nox said he is not the one who wrote the song according to #JayC and he went to the papers hyping it with my name. JayC wants Nox to go back to the press and correct the errors so that the public is aware.

Nox VS Jay C
Nox once said the song was not pointing at anyone when this was still a rumour but it must be all about hyping the song and being relevant in the music industry Catch @jayc_actor today on PowerFm with @chamvary on the Centre Stage talking all about the beef and apologies. “We will be updating on the issue “

Below is the picture of the two after confronting each other and burying the issue…

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