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Prophet Makandiwa defends Prophet Passion


Last week a popular American based prophet Passion Java posted a video of himself showing off his helicopter that he recently bought.On the video, Java said that he had bought a helicopter for himself while other people who envy him were hungry.

Many social media users, however, did not take Java’s utterances lightly and they threw as equal words at him with some accusing him of embezzling funds from his church.

Some even questioned if he is truly a prophet of God as his videos that he posts on social media all about bragging about his wealth.

Prophet Passion

Moreover, another ostentatious prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa defended prophet Passion’s actions and said that people should stop judging men of God.

He also added on to say that many people are jealous of the men of God when God blesses them, but when the people of the world get the same riches people applaud them.

Prophet Makandiwa is well known for his questionable miracles that include that of a three-day-old baby. Makandiwa is also one of the richest people in the country as he currently owns a hotel and other multimillion-dollar projects locally and internationally.

Of late many elite people have been posting on social media showing off their wealth and diminishing the financially struggling public.

Meanwhile, Genius Kadungure was recently spotted with his new car at a service station. Kadungure who was spotted driving a new Ferrari joins Prophet Uerbert Angel and his wife who also drive the same model.


Ginimbi’s car is estimated to have cost him more than $300 000USD which is more than the price Minister Mayor Wadyajena bought his Lamborghini.

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Job Sikhala

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