Home Scandals Roadshow gone wild as Stonyeni turned into a Guitar – Video

Roadshow gone wild as Stonyeni turned into a Guitar – Video


It seems like some dancers employed by companies which stage roadshows are only too willing to do anything to make a quick buck as can be shown by this rather undignified dancing.

As revellers seemed to enjoy the show, the performers went an extra mile as to make their fans happier. Check the video below and see for your self…

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The raunchy dancer Bev Sibanda has spoken out on the latest rape allegations being pinned on PHD Ministries founder Prophet Walter Magaya. The prophet is facing new rape allegations barely a week after being accused of a similar offence.


Two prominent politicians, whom we cannot name as they are still weighing their options — whether to go public or not, were also allegedly s.e.xually abused and harassed. One of the politicians’ daughter was also s.e.xually abused. watch video…

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