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I have no blood in my hands’ says Chamisa

MDC Leader Nelson Chamisa has of accused ZANU PF of trying to soil his name by suggesting he is guilty of the August 1 killings.

Chamisa was responding to Deputy Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet Mr George Charamba who had said, “Chamisa is personally liable and he is also vicariously liable and the best favour he can do to himself is to go and put his own side of the story before the Commission. He should not think that he can throw people on the streets so as to abort processes.”

The MDC Leader responded , “Comments by government  and Mr Mnangagwa’s spokesperson in yesterday s herald are so strange. He strangely suggests that the Aug 1 inquiry’s sole purpose is to fix MDC, and its leadership. The tone of hate and anger is baffling. I have no blood in my hands. Peace defines my life. Violence is not part of my DNA. Whoever chooses it repels me!”

MDC Leader Nelson Chamisa

Charamba warned Chamisa that if he organises demonstrations he must expect the state to respond with appropriate response.

“He should not think that he can throw people on the streets so as to abort processes

It’s not going to happen. If he thinks that his response to a subpoena is by throwing his demos in the street, then he is in for a very rude shock. He must be brought to account. There will come a time when we go beyond that to say for how long do we tolerate an argument which says the voter made a mistake to give us a certain electoral outcome when in fact what will decide the electoral day is violence in the street.”

Chamisa is expected to appear before the Kgalema Motlanthe led commission of inquiry on Wednesday to answer on allegations that he incited people to commit violence.

Source: Newsday

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