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Things you didn’t know about Madam Boss

Three things you didn’t know about Madam Boss. She is funny, beautiful and talented. Tyra Chikocho popularly known as Madam Boss is one of the many celebrities in Zimbabwe who has an amazing story of rising from rags to riches.

Tyra Chikocho was born on April 10, 1985, at Harare Hospital and has seen it all. But who would have imagined that the former maid would blossom into an online brand of note?

Here are three interesting facts about her:

Madam BossShe has a daughter named Mikeila Munetsiwa and she loves her daughter very much. She posted a picture of herself and her daughter recently on her Instagram account she had a sweet message as a caption too. She wrote:

My favourite thing about motherhood is the outpouring of love that is non-judgmental and beautiful. My daughter just makes me happy, and she motivates me to be a kid again.

Tyra Chikocho
Tyra is a lot of things, her Instagram page lists her as an entertainer this includes being a comedian, an actress, and show host. However, her music career is not in the limelight.

Chikocho started o as a gospel artist – she staged shows alongside Shingisai Suluma, Kudzi Nyakudya among others. Her debut gospel album ‘Sununguro’, features artists such as Ngoni
Kambarami, MacDee as well as Kudzi Nyakudya.

Madam Boss

After Tyra got married she was a housewife. One day, whilst at home, her brother-in-law was trying to convince her that she needed to speak good English to succeed in her music career. In trying to convince her, they decided to film a mock interview.

“He asked me questions like tell us about your life, and I started speaking broken English because I didn’t know the words, and I really wanted to express myself,” she shared.

Tyra Chikocho

She uploaded the video on her gospel artist WhatsApp group to bring awareness to other artists so they too can learn to speak basic English. Unbeknown to her, the video went viral and was picked up by Nehanda Radio. This birthed Madam Boss the character.

Tyra Chikocho

Chikocho is married to her business partner, Ngonidzashe Munetsiwa. She has confessed to her being the one who proposed to her husband. “I am the one who proposed to my husband because he was very handsome to me. I told myself I cannot lose this guy,” she explains. “…I went to his friend and told him that I love your friend, I want him to marry me.” As the proverbial saying goes, the rest is history.

Source: Zimetro

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