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‘Xenophobic attacks targeting Cyril Ramaphosa’

President Ramaphosa

The recent wave of xenophobic attacks that is sweeping across South Africa may be funded by a faction of ANC that wants President Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa to fail political analysts have said.

Speaking to this reporter over the weekend Harare based political analyst Fidelis Fengu of the political thinktank Fidelis Fengu and Associates said, “If you look closely at the wave of xenophobia that is happening you will realize that this is a well-calculated political plot to achieve a political objective.

“While it may be true that foreigners are working in that country, one needs to ask themselves which jobs are they occupying that the locals may want to do? Do locals want to be maids or gardeners? Do they want to work as street marketers or paper bag packers in shops? You have a wide range of job sectors especially in the technology and mainstream areas that local get into. I digress, so the conclusion that we come to is that there is a political hand behind all this.”

Fengu added that a faction of ANC that lost in Nasrec in 2017 may be fingered in the plot.

“Without inviting unnecessary lawsuits, as a student of politics, I may be forgiven to say that people close to a certain faction that lost in the 2017 ANC conference may be behind all this and are preparing for Ramaphosa to be recalled after he has failed to hold the country. People like DD Mabuza, Ace Magashule and Senzo Mchunu are known political tacticians who have along standing alliance with Jacob Zuma so we must prepare for the night of long knives soon.”

South Africa has been inundated with a series of xenophobic waves targeted at African foreigners.

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Robert Mugabe

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