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ZESA To Supply Power To Households Only At Night

Kujekesa nyika

The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) spokesperson, Fullard Gwasira revealed that the power utility is able to supply power to most of its customers during the night. He said:

The electricity supply situation is quite dire. Please use the available power very sparingly. We are able to supply most of our customers with power mostly during the night.

Gwasira added that the power supply situation will stabilize in March/April 2020 if high rainfall is received in the oncoming rainy season. He said:

If we get a good rainfall season, the impact of that will be felt around March/April 2020.

The country is importing electricity from neighbouring countries which costs US$15 million per month, a situation that is unsustainable, claimed Gwasira. He said:

Imports currently cost us about 15m USD per month. Raising this figure or expecting to import indefinitely is not sustainable in the environment of the forex crunch. Let alone the security of supply issues.

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Source – The Herald