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Drama at Biti’s party as he fires members who fired him

On Thursday, Dr Moyo ×red Mr Biti, his deputy Mr Kucaca Phulu and party’s spokesperson
Mr Jacob Mafume among others over differences around the formation of an opposition


Mr Mafume immediately described Thursday’s action as a nullity. In reaction Biti’s faction
yesterday held their general council meeting and resolved to ×re Dr Moyo and Mrs
Matibenga who was the national chairperson for engineering their expulsion.“We have resolved to remove the office bearers who masterminded the coup and we will appoint people in their place.

Chaos escalated in the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) yesterday with “×red” president
Mr Tendai Biti’s faction wielding the axe on secretary general Dr Gorden Moyo and Mrs
Lucia Matibenga for engineering a coup within the party Dr Moyo on the other hand insists that the resolution passed on Thursday to ×re Mr Biti and other senior leaders stands.


We are going to have an acting national chairperson Evelyn Masaiti, acting secretary general Settlement Chikwinya until the next congress,” said Mr
Mafume.He said it was senseless for the Dr Moyo clique to ×re the whole leadership of PDP.
“We could not go into the kindergarten process of exchanging expulsions. We do believe
that if people meet and decide to chase the whole leadership there is an element of
madness and that their madness cannot be answered by more madness,” he said.

Dr Moyo rubbished Mr Mafume’s statement saying Mr Biti’s group is now part of the MDC
Alliance and cannot make decisions on PDP.“The general council met yesterday and made resolutions and these people who were ×red cannot make decision on PDP issues,” said Dr Moyo

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