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A Zimbabwean family fled to Cape town to escape the hunger and poverty All 7 of them including four children just died in a house fire.

The loss of one child is devastating. The loss of seven? Unimaginable. But that’s the grim reality the Mazungunye and Vare family faces after all seven of the family’s children died in a house fire in Cape town South Africa. The family from Zimbabwe sought refuge in South Africa to escape the economic melt down in Zimbabwe that’s decimated their home country.

The family was staying at number 2219 Sanqoba Street Chris Hani Mbekweni. Cape Town. The brother of the deceased Rotan Tasaranarwo Said the charred bodies of the family are at Red Cross hospital burn. He is finding it difficult to accept what has happened, and he just repeats the names of his brother over and over again and asks to see him.

The deceased are named as Maxwell Mazungunye born 13 December 1978 his wife Margaret Vare born on 13November 1992 . Children Mirriam Mazungunye born on 8 May 2002 .Tadiwanashe Mazungunye born on the 21 December 2012. They are expected to be buried in their home area in Sanyati Zimbabwe. Three of the family members survived the inferno with life threatening burns. They are at Paarl Hospital intensive care unit. They are Vanessa Mazungunye born on the 20th February 2002 Tatenda Mazungunye born on 21December2012 Mikeiler Mazungunye 9Months 2018 Mikleiler is admitted at Red cross Hospital burns unit Cape town.

The survivors of the blaze in the were taken to hospital after neighbours reported hearing “popping” and “explosions” coming from the house in the early hours. Pictures from the scene show the roof of the house destroyed by the blaze and emergency workers continued to work on the house mid-morning. Witnesses could hear small pops and explosions coming from the house”.

They 10 people in the inferno but seven other were tragically pronounced dead at the scene.

The brother of the deceased stated that his brother was burnt in the house “Munin.ina wangu atsvira mumba pamwe nemhuri yake kuno kuSA Cape town Paarl mbekweni Chris Hani pa2219 mapouba street moto wakangotanga kuneimwe room yemwana walandlord ikabva yabata yemunin.ina wangu pakaita moto akadidzirarubatsiro asi vanhu havana kukwanisa kuvhura musuwo kana kuti vapaze zvose zcakaramba kusvikira vopararira mumba ini ndinimukoma wake macontact ayo yangu yasisi Rosemary Mazungunye 0611097894 dzangy 0730478196”


Translated as my brother was burnt to death in his house. The fire is believed to have started from the land lord’s son house. He puts his contact details.

The shocking deaths comes after president Ramaphosa rallied his killing machines to deal with foreigners. The Xenophobic attacks on all foreigners has increased and political parties are using the foreigners as their campaign collateral damage. ANC is determined to win at all costs. They will paint their victory with the blood of the foreigners.

The shocking thing is that inly black foreigners are targeted. This is a black on black violence supported by Ramaphosa and his cabinet. The silence of Africa is disturbing. An unabated genocide is taking place in South Africa and countries are having tea.

The leader of the opposition party comrade Julius Malema has come out denouncing this black on black violence. Malema leads the EEF which is an upcoming and strong force to recon in South Africa. Malema described these killings as barbaric inhuman and indeed un African.

The UN and the world at large will not raise an alarm remember Rwanda. It will take a million foreigners in South Africa to be Killed for the UN or EU to act. African Union is a toothless dog and will surely give a blind eye. Malema added

Meanwhile the family is struggling to bring the deceased back to Zimbabwe for decent burial. They are appealing for help. The deaths are overwhelming and obviously never planned for. For any help to repatriate the deceased please contact Rosemary Mazungunye on 0027611097894 or the brother on 002730478196.

Mourners are gathered in Harare. House no 8026 28th Road Glen View Area 8 Harare

[email protected]

Source: MbareTimes

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