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Lovemore Majaivana back in Bulawayo

Musician Lovemore ‘Maji’ Majaivana reportedly sneaked into Bulawayo on Friday afternoon from the United States.

Sources told Chronicle Showbiz yesterday that Maji of the Umoya Wami hit was in the country to attend a family event that will be held today at the Small City Hall in Bulawayo at 10AM.

As news spread over the weekend that the maestro was in the country, scores of his fans wrote a petition to beg him for at least one show and will be collecting signatures at the venue. His fans expect to take advantage of his presence at the City Hall to hand the petition to him, likely at the end of the family event.

His return to the country after 19 years could be the most exciting thing for his fans who have been craving for a performance from the icon.

Maji’s relative who declined to be named said the singer was whisked from Joshua Mqabuko International Airport without being noticed on Friday afternoon.

“Majaivana arrived on Friday but he made it clear that he wanted his arrival and visit to be low key. He wants it to remain private as his life has been over the past decade or so.

“His fans who’re hoping for his return into the music scene might get lucky if he agrees to perform as some of his friends are pleading with him,” said the family member, referring to the petition that has been drafted.

“However, he is elated to be back home.”

The source said pictures that Maji took with relatives at the weekend will only be released after he has left the country. Asked when he would be leaving, the source said it is not clear.

Pressed further, the source said Majaivana had met with his old friend Albert Nyathi, who is part of the team trying to convince him to perform one more time.

“It’s not clear when he’ll be leaving the country, but it will not be long,” the source said.

Majaivana left the country at the turn of the century and had not returned home. His visit could excite his fans who have been yearning for his return and performance.

Majaivana’s music has remained relevant as it captures society’s mood, nearly two decades since his departure.

Source: MbareTimescom

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