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UZ students dumped cheap Zupco, kombis increase fares

Kombi fares for University of Zimbabwe students were hiked to $1,50 from $1, causing an uproar amongst students not resident at the institution.

However, the university has said the students have themselves to blame after rejecting cheaper transport offered to them by Zupco.

Despite the college authorities making some efforts previously for the provision of the bus, the students are appealing again for the reintroduction of the bus programme.

Dean of students Munyaradzi Madambi said they had negotiated with the ZUPCO authorities to provide a bus for students.

“We negotiated with ZUPCO several times to cater for the transportation of students and the bus came but the students preferred the kombis saying there were faster, reliable and convenient.

“We are trying as much as possible to negotiate with the authorities responsible for transport but unfortunately we have no control over price hikes.

“When the students demonstrated last year due to kombi hikes, we engaged the authorities responsible for transport and a reasonable price was put in place, that is 1 $RTGS to and from the Central Business District,” he said.

Madambi said the institution was working on a shuttle system so as to make sure that students have affordable transport.

“We are working on the shuttle system whereby students will get free transport to and from town and this will help our students but it is still work in progress.

“The university provides transport for students if they are going for trips or training,” said Madambi.

Some students have hailed the Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Development Advocate Fortunate Chasi over the provision of the Zupco transport for students as a way to assist in transport challenges. Some took it to social media appealing to the authorities for affordable transport.

Here are some of the Twitter comments:

little champion8@ComfortMaoneke:Dear Hon @fortunechasi Words cannot express how grateful we are for your help. You were there for us when we needed it the most. Thank you for everything that you’ve done to help us on ZUPCO issue. Dear Uz students I hope muchakwira bhazi racho ravapo pana Rezende.

Leroy Madhosi@LeroyMadhosi @fortunechasi: As the income-less UZ students we need help. We are being charged up to 2.50 for bus fares and we need the Zupco programme.

Shingy Makwembere@Ropa5284125: Action is needed ASAP, how can a 35 mins journey from Budiriro to town cost $1 whilst an eight minutes journey from town to UZ Campus cost $1.50? We are still students please.

‏ @tah_fah10: Advocate tipeiwo Zupco pa UZ tafa nema $1.50

Alexander Rusero @AlexanderRusero@fortunechasi : Are you aware that UZ students are walking to Second Street in search of private lifts. They cannot afford the recent kombi hike of between $1.50 and $2. A ZUPCO initiative at UZ will surely help!

Adv Beaven Bizah@Beaven_Bizah @fortunechasi: Morning Advocate Chibabest, on behalf of UZ students we are kindly asking for your assistance to have a ZUPCO operating from Rezende to campus, kombis have hiked fares again.

Source: MbareTimescom

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