The Amsterdam derby

Dutch football is a highly dynamic and exciting football competition. Among all the best betting sites Ghana – 1xBet is the best one, as it offers chances to wager in the Eredivisie and many other football competitions. Historically, the biggest teams in the country have been:

  • Feyenoord;
  • PSV Eindhoven;
  • and Ajax.

From these three, only Ajax is based in Amsterdam. The other squads are based in the cities of Rotterdam and Eindhoven respectively. During recent decades, the only professional Dutch team that is based in the Dutch capital is Ajax. However, historically, there have been other squads who have competed professionally at some moment. Examples include AFC DWS, FC Blauw-Wit and AVV De Volewijckers.

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Multiple teams

During the early 2020s, there were more than 50 football teams in Amsterdam which were participating in one of the leagues of the Dutch football system. You can download and install 1xBet app Android if you want to wager on these competitions from anywhere. All that means that technically, any match between any of these squads would be an Amsterdam derby.

Ajax has been the most successful of all these squads by far. However, from time to time there is the derby where Ajax faces Blauw-Wit. It should be noted that both teams were fierce rivals in the beginnings of professional football in The Netherlands. Many people look forward to these matches taking place again. However, it is more than expected that Ajax will come as the winner of those contests.

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Ajax vs DWS derby

DWS was at its prime in the 1950s and 1960s. In fact, the team won the Eredivisie in 1964. This is what effectively signaled the beginning of this huge rivalry. By going to, it is possible to start betting on all interesting derbies that take place all over the world.

However, this rivalry was short-lived. In fact, in 1972 DWS united with Blauw-Wit and De Volewijckers to come up with FC Amsterdam. There was also a short rivalry between this new club and Ajax. However, FC Amsterdam was a short-lived entity, which dissolved in 1972. The Netherlands has lots of excellent football teams, and the 1xBet website provides chances to bet on all of them.


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