Kagiso Sento And Vee Mampeezy Divorce

The high-profile marriage of Botswana’s power couple Vee Mampeezy and his wife Kagiso Sento, has sadly come to an end following a lengthy divorce process.

According to a report on Mmegi Online, has reportedly won her divorce case after she was granted permission to dissolve her marriage to Vee by the Maun High Court.

The report claims that Vee begged Kagiso to give him another chance to repair their marriage, but Kagiso wanted to end it. According to the outlet, the couple has shared custody of their children.

Taking to his Twitter account, Vee shared a heart-wrenching picture of him and his daughter and captioned it “A painful day to be alive, comforting my daughter.”

Facebook users reacted to the picture

Edison Zandani commented “It’s painful, but am happy for guys when things don’t work that’s the best solution my advice to the ones who plan to get married there is nothing like happiness in marriage but just compromise

Vicos Al-sayd Chipuka commented” Kids hurt more when Parents stay together but not on good terms, the fights and dikomano destro them, and it never erases in their minds.., but letting it go and finding Peace is the best decision, they grow up to understand why u guys took that decision..! U, not the first, and u not alone brother Have strength.”

Malebogo Nono Ntshole commented “You did the right thing. The kids will understand one day. There is no need to stay in a toxic relationship for the sake of the kids. It’s unhealthy for them too as much as it’s unhealthy for you. You kids would want you to be happy and mentally and emotionally OK. They need that. Nobody wants to get married to be divorced but this is life. Stuff happens. What matters most is sanity and peace.”

It has been a rollercoaster ride for the couple lately as domestic abuse allegations rocked their marriage, and they seemed unable to resolve the issue. Reports about the couple’s marital problems were common in the tabloids.

Cracks started to appear after the couple hogged the headlines following a domestic violence tiff that allegedly took place in their household in 2020.

According to Kagiso, her husband Mampeezy was insecure and accused her of cheating on him, causing things to spiral out of control.

The stunner opened up about the incident to The Voice. She said, “We had been hanging out in the pool area like a regular family. At around 2 am the children retired to bed whilst we continued our night watching television. As the night went on I received a phone call from one of his fans wishing us a happy new year. As soon as I hung up the call Vee accused me of infidelity and I tried to explain to him who the person on the phone was.”

An altercation followed, and according to Kagiso, it got to a point where her husband threw and cracked her phone. In utter anger, she apparently tried to pay him back by trying to smash his rides. Kagiso denied claims that she was a psycho and allegedly assaulted her husband.

According to her, the domestic dispute was not for public consumption, and she loved her husband. Kagiso went on to add that Vee locked her in the house and called security to stop her from smashing his cars.

She says, “I am the one who asked him to leave because had he stayed in that night, things would have gotten out of control. I am being labelled as some psycho but I am not. I wouldn’t just assault my husband. I never did. I never touched him. I would be lying if I say he laid hands on me too.”


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