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Jonathan Moyo: Kasukuwere has sought forgiveness from ZANU PF bigwigs since 2017

Self-exiled former cabinet minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo has reiterated that Saviour Kasukuwere sought forgiveness from ZANU PF leadership since 2017.

Moyo’s remarks come after Kasukuwere allegedly mocked the former Tsholotsho legislator for writing an apology letter to ZANU PF. Moyo said:

Tyson launched his 2023 presidential bid with an UNPROVOKED attack on me and @PatrickZhuwao for our apology to ZanuPF members. Yet: We are not 2023 presidential candidates Our letter does not beg for forgiveness. It is him who has begged ZanuPF BIGWIGS for forgiveness!

Tyson and his lot wished that his UNPROVOKED attack on me & @PatrickZhuwao over our apology letter to ZanuPFmembers, would go unchallenged; but I responded with FACTS, that it is him who has sought forgiveness from ZanuPF bigwigs since 2017; this got me criminally threatened!

It is idiocy to say our letter seeks forgiveness “that bullets missed us on 15 Nov 2017”; when @PatrickZhuwao was not even in Zim. Fact is, we clearly apologized to ZANU-PF MEMBERS for using – and being associated with – the #ZanuPfMustGo; hashtag!

Kasukuwere, a former ZANU PF political commissar, said that he will not apologize to the ruling party or President Emmerson Mnangagwa, and seek readmission into the party.

Moyo and Kasukuwere are among several former senior government officials who skipped the country’s borders in 2017 following the ouster of the late founding leader of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe. They allegedly belonged to the G40 faction which was opposed to the Lacoste faction which was allegedly being led by then Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.


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