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Baba Denzel reconciles with mai Denzel

Mai Denzel, a Harare married woman who has been trending after recordings of her relationships with several men leaked is in the news again after her love-struck husband asked her to come home and forget about her personal issues that have been making news recently.

In the audio making rounds on social media, the husband says he will post her money tomorrow morning and is now ready to put the events of the past week behind, him and start another phase with Mai Denzel.

Baba Denzel has been previously commended for handling the matter with a high level of dignity and maturity. This time he tells his sweetheart, “I am saying do not stress yourself with what happened, it’s now in the past”

Mai Denzel is expected to be back home as all issues with family and friends have been resolved.

In other news – Mai Denzel shares her side of the story

The love triangle left one Tariro or Mai Denzel with egg on her face after her disgruntled boyfriend sent nude pictures to her husband.

Reports are that the boyfriend, one Daniel Parangeta, from Chimhanda village in Rushinga was riled by Tariro’s decision to dump him for his friend. Learn More

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