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SRC: Warriors & Mighty Warriors should receive direct budgetary support from government

The Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC), has said the male and female national football teams – Warriors and Mighty Warriors – should receive direct budgetary and administrative support from the government.

The SRC made the recommendations in a statement titled, “Presentation of Key Recommendations of the ZIFA Restructuring Committee.” Read in part the statement seen by the publication:

5.2 The Warriors and Mighty Warriors
The committee recommended that these national teams should be housed in a structure that receives direct budgetary and administrative support from Government whilst ensuring that FIFA rules are respected in so far as the principle of non-interference is concerned.

5.3 Junior Football
The committee recommended that ZIFA develop a standardized system to rate academy programs and school programs.

There should be developed a national database for all junior players that is functional and easily accessible.

Additionally, ZIFA should develop and support quality leagues and competitions accessible for all ages and skill levels.

5.4 Women’s Football
Women should be empowered to manage their own affairs in football. Key to this is allowing them to have direct access to FIFA funding so that it is applied to purposes intended. Women should be included at all levels of the game’s administration on a quota system.

5.5 Facilities
ZIFA should be at the forefront, either with FIFA’s assistance, or through effective lobbying of Government and local authorities, of developing facilities that encourage use for football games at a professional and recreational level.

There should be a FIFA-rated national training centre. ZIFA village is not fit for purpose.

5.6 Communication & Marketing
ZIFA relies almost exclusively on FIFA and CAF funding for its operations. It was recommended that ZIFA invest in senior business strategy and marketing positions. It should respect and maximize partnerships and retail opportunities and identify new revenue streams. ZIFA should be run as a business, not as a fiefdom or cabal.

5.7 Development of Administrators
Office bearers, administrators and coaches must have minimal CAF and FIFA qualifications and/or training. Coaching standards must be set and regulated.

5.8 Football in Schools
ZIFA should develop a specific strategy as part of a five-year plan for fostering football in the school system, especially for girls.

The SRC also said it had provided the findings and recommendations of the restructuring committee to the Executive Committee of ZIFA for the purposes of drafting a roadmap.

The committee also said once they are on the same page with ZIFA, the two organizations will then approach FIFA for endorsement.

SRC suspended the ZIFA board then led by Felton Kamambo for alleged maladministration and sexual abuse of female referees. The move attracted a ban on Zimbabwean football by FIFA which accused the government of interfering with the sport. Zimbabwe remains banned.

-Pindula News

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