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Rhodesians conquering Antarctica tweet shakes the internet

A tweet celebrating three white people holding a Rhodesian flag at the Antarctica has shaken the social media platform, reaching over two million people most of whom have described them as ‘racist remnants.

The tweet by Iris Victoria van der Westhuizen (@OranjeSwaeltjie), daughter to a ‘Rhodesian’ has generated debate across borders with some telling her that sharing the picture was a celebration of a racist regime.

van der Westhuizen describes herself as an unapologetic Afrikaner racist.

Rhodesia was the name Zimbabwe went by before independence in 1980. It emphasised racial segregation in all aspects of life including relations education and access to resources.

A protracted war for liberation fronted by Zanu-PF’s Zimbabwe African National Libertaion Army (ZANLA), Zapu’s Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Army (ZPRA) and other freedom fighters eventually led to a negotiated end to carnage that cost over 20 000 people as the Ian Smith led white government sought to maintain control.

In other news – Job Sikhala asks for his trial to be postponed

Jailed Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) vice chairperson Job Sikhala on Wednesday sought postponement of his trial, indicating he wanted to appeal against the magistrate’s ruling dismissing an application seeking her recusal.

Job Sikhala



Sikhala is jointly charged with fellow CCC MP Godfrey Sithole in a case they are accused of inciting public violence in Nyatsime. Learn More

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