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Zim and India in Export-Import exchange programme

Zimbabwe and India are set to deepen their economic trade relations this year through an enhanced Export-Import exchange program focusing on agriculture, manufacturing, and distribution of pharmaceutical products.

In line with the second republic’s re-engagement and engagement thrust, the Minister of Industry and Commerce, Dr Sekai Nzenza this Friday attended the virtual sixth session of the Voice of South Summit organized by India.

The forum is meant to get a better understanding of the economic needs of Southern African countries with a broad view of weaving mutually beneficial economic ties.

Zimbabwe is banking on its revived agricultural sector to be the key supplier of raw materials to India.

“We had fruitful deliberations which we want to follow up with a detailed action plan such that the two economies can strengthen their trade ties leveraging on our comparative advantages and this also feeds into our re-engagement thrust,” said the minister.

Indian Ambassador to Zimbabwe His Excellency Vijay Khanduja stressed the need to develop the two country’s economies for the benefit of the citizenry.

“We are gratified by the Zimbabwean authorities’ attendance at this summit as it will shape our economic interaction that we are looking to deepen this year and beyond, as India we have the market with regards to our population and Zimbabwe has the resources that are needed in India so it is a perfect partnership that we are envisaging,” he said.

The second republic continues to maintain its stance of being an enemy to none and friend to all a move which has been buttressed by the country’s economic diplomacy which has come with new markets for Zimbabwean products.

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