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Anthrax wave hits Manicaland province

The Department of Veterinary Services has raised an Anthrax awareness alert in Makoni District, Manicaland Province.

The bacterial illness, which is rare but dangerous, affects animals but human beings in contact with the affected animals can also get infected.

Rusape Town Council instructed farmers in a statement that for the next 30 days, no livestock can stray to other areas, in a move aimed at preventing the spreading of Anthrax. Said the Council:

Rusape Town Council would like to advise its valued residents and stakeholders that the
Department of Veterinary Services has issued an anthrax outbreak alert at Dombo AHMC and
Bingaguru AHMC in Makoni District.

No livestock (Cattle, Sheep or Goats) from the mentioned areas maybe moved or allowed to stray to other areas for the next thirty days.
Members of the public are being warned against consuming, purchasing or selling livestock suspected to have died from anthrax. In addition, suspicious sickness or sudden death of animals or illegal movement of animals must be reported to the police and the Department of Veterinary services.

Butcheries and abattoirs in and around Rusape and the whole Makoni district are urged to be
extra vigilant in guarding against procuring anthrax contaminated livestock.

In other news – Armed robber shot dead in Harare

A 29-year-old suspected armed robber, who was part of a seven member gang targeting companies in Harare, was shot and killed by police during a shoot out in Ruwa on Tuesday.

Alexio Mupamhura (29) died a few hours after being admitted to Parirenyatwa Hospital.Learn More

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