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Wife bashes hubby’s small house at Eastgate mall – VIDEO

There continues to be drama upon drama in Zimbabwe as many people let their emotions get the best of them

According to Herald today 2 women were captured at Eastgate mall, it is alleged that they were fighting for a man

The crowd stood by and discouraged the security from separating them. The crowd is heard cheering from a distance whilst the two were bruising each other.

This however is not a good behavior because people can harm each other or even kill each other. There is a public opinion that emotions sometimes get the best of us even professional athletes reflects this.

Recently Manchester United player Casemiro was suspended for attacking an opponent, Will Smith is also another example

Source: Herald

In other news – Teachers demand US$1k salary

Teachers have threatened to down tools over meager salaries which they have described as “poverty packages.”

In a statement Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (Artuz) said while other civil servants got salary increments theirs has remained the same despite several requests made to the government. Learn More

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