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Police raid high school students hide out

Eight Sobukhazi High School learners in Bulawayo were on Friday raided by police at a hideout in Entumbane suburb, with some escaping through the window as law enforcement agents approached.

The eight – four girls and four boys – are alleged to have skipped school which is situated at Mzilikazi suburb, and camped at a house where one of them lives with his mother who was away at work. It is not clear what they were doing in the house. Concerned residents, who saw the learners trooping into the house during school hours, tipped off police at Entumbane Police Station who attended the scene, but six of the learners escaped through a window when they saw the police officers, with the two remaining girls later exposing their counterparts.

“The pupils were in their school uniforms which then raised suspicion among neighbours who then reported the matter at Entumbane Police Station. When the police raided the house, six of them escaped through a window. However, they were exposed by the two remaining pupils. On being interrogated the pupils denied having been engaging in a sex romp, with the girls claiming they had passed by the boy’s house so as to change attire to attend a sports event at White City Stadium. However, when their bags were searched no clothes were found and investigations revealed that they had not even attended school on the said day,” said the source.

School officials are said to have been called to the scene and are handling the matter internally. Contacted for comment, Sobukhazi High School head, Mr Cain Ncube confirmed the issue but said they were still talking to the concerned pupils so as to get to the bottom of the issue.

“Yes, we received that report but we are still trying to understand what really transpired. What concerns us is that these children were in school uniform. We are honestly getting a number of stories but the bottom line is that these pupils were not exactly caught in the act, therefore it becomes difficult to say they were in an orgy.

“Another story is that the girls just wanted to change into their civilian clothes so that they can attend sports at White City Stadium. So, for now, we cannot really say what they were doing, being caught, yes, they were caught, but as to what they were doing, we cannot say for sure,” said Mr Ncube.

Bulawayo provincial police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Nomalanga Msebele confirmed that police attended the scene.

“Police received a tip-off that something was taking place at a house in Entumbane but when they got there, they found nothing,” said Asst Insp Msebele.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education will from tomorrow embark on a countrywide exercise, engaging schools and various stakeholders to find out what could be done to solve the issue of drug and substance abuse, violence, bullying, and teenage pregnancies within the schools. Director of communication and advocacy in the Ministry, Mr Taungana Ndoro said they have since noted the need to up their response to the number of ills that were taking place within schools.

Drug and substance abuse, gang violence and the holding of Vuzu parties have been a cause of concern among schools in Bulawayo. Last month, a Form Four Founders High School pupil, Wayne Ndlovu (16), was stabbed to death by a learner from Hamilton High School. The 17-year-old Hamilton High School pupil was locked up and his case is still before the courts.

Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution Judith Ncube said it was embarrassing that Bulawayo schools have become known for the bad things, highlighting that only two schools made it to the top hundred schools in the country last year. The two are St Columbu’s and Maranatha High School.

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