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University Students in Botswana receive $143 allowances

In Botswana, university students are paid $143 monthly for going to school. Botswana has Free Education and Healthcare.

It has a low debt burden and high GDP per capita. It is Africa’s longest continuous Democracy with no coups.

It was the world’s 2nd poorest country in 1966. It is Africa’s second least corrupt country.

Botswana was the world’s strongest emerging market in 2020. It is Africa’s most stable country with no history of political violence or civil wars

Source: H263

In other news – Jealous Ben 10 kills sugar mama after discovering her affair with another man

Police in Chimanimani have arrested Sainet Mazodana, 35, in connection with a case of murder that occurred on Friday at Pfumo “C” Village.

“The suspect struck his girlfriend, Catherine Ndima (43), with a machete several times all over the body after allegedly accusing her of dating another man.Learn More

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