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CID officers in hot soup for taking US$158k stolen from National Foods

Two Criminal Investigation Department officers have appeared in court on charges of criminal abuse of office after allegedly sharing proceeds of crime.

Allegations are that on March 31, Addmore Musiza and Tafara Machokoto together with Cormwell Jokonia who is still at large were part of an investigating team that interviewed Edward Davai Mudowaye.

Madowoye had been arrested for theft of US$158 000 stolen from National Foods in Aspindale, Harare.

It is alleged that the duo went to Mbare’s Matapi Flats where Madowoye had kept the money for safe keeping where they recovered the US$158 000 and shared the money.

It is alleged that Musiza and Machokoto took Madowoye to court where they submitted that they did not recover anything from the accused.

The duo was arrested after CID Homicide Detectives received information about their shenanigans and recovered US$56 000 from Musiza which had been buried in a maize field about 400 metres from his house.

Police also recovered US$22 000 from Machokoto which he had given to his aunt Susan Jiri for safekeeping.

In other news – CCC Mahere slapped with a three-month jail term

Citizens Coalition for Change spokesperson Fadzai Mahere has been sentenced to a three-month jail term with the option of paying a fine of US$500 after being convicted of communicating falsehoods.

Mahere’s charges emanated from her tweets in which she claimed that the Police had beaten a child to death using a baton stick.Learn More

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