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Grandson turns family home into drug haven, digs grave in the yard

An elderly Harare man yesterday accused his grandson of turning his house into a drug haven and disturbing his peace. Tsika Mugariri told Magistrate Tamara Chibindi that he had invited the grandson to live with him but now wanted a protection order.

“Your worship, Elemen Hlomayi, has multiple problems. We offered him a house to stay in since he was desperate. But ever since he started living with us, the house has become a drug base. He sells drugs there and his clients come to abuse drugs at my house,” he said.

The grandson had also inexplicably dug a grave in the yard and refuses to say what the grave was for, the court heard.

“Recently, when I went to the house to reprimand him for selling drugs at home, I was shocked to see that he had dug a grave in the backyard,” Mugariri said.

“I want him away from my house, your worship. Digging a grave in the yard is against my culture. Moreover, when I confronted him about the grave, he harassed me, insulted me using obscene language and assaulted me.”

The magistrate ordered Hlomayi, who did not attend the court proceedings, to leave his grandparents’ home and to refrain from physically assaulting, insult or harass the applicant.

Source: NewsDay

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