Shadaya mocks Mudiwa’s help to Paradzai Mesi – “This isn’t help, this is humiliation”

Controversial Twitter celeb Shadaya Knight has once again attacked gospel rapper Mudiwa Hood for helping sungura musician Paradzai Mesi and make it known to the public. Shadaya thinks it’s wrong and humiliating, he shared his thoughts and said Mudiwa can still help in private.

Mudiwa Hood offered to help Paradzai after he went viral as he was arrested for stealing groceries. MudiwaHood posted :

If I say I will do this I will do it… Ladies and Gentlemen I invited Mr. Paradzai Mesi and his wife, his children’s fees will be paid for too…

Prayed for them, lectured him on a few strategies he now needs to follow, took him shopping in MH Boutique, and lastly, we went to Spar and bought everything he needed for enough time he will need food groceries, till he is back on his feet.

I have not engaged anyone else to help me help NO, this is where i draw my blessings… God sees beyond these pictures i have shared and he continues to bless me and generations after me…it is a seed.

Be inspired, if you can’t help someone at least pray for them. Zimbabwe, i thank you for giving this man another chance, he will not let you down.


Tomorrow i will share his ecocash number and bank accounts so that we get him instruments , and help him beyond this food to get back on his feet.

Pangu hama, aiwa ndaitawo… zvasarirawo iwee… we want new music from Paradzai Mesi and we have plans in place to make sure this time haarone futi….

I love you guys

Mudiwa Hood


However Shadhaya had another view about the help and he tweeted:

This isn’t help, this is humiliation, you can see it in that old man’s eyes, no man would ever want to see himself paraded in front of all, being at the mercy of another man. It’s cringe, if this had any genuineness in it, the pics weren’t necessary. Poverty is bad!!!

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