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Woman Crush Wednesday: MisRed

Woman Crush Wednesday(WCW) is a day where women applaud each other for their looks or brag about the lack thereof. Today, we would be celebrating Misred as today’s Woman Crush Wednesday. Misred is the perfect definition of someone who would do all that it takes to get to where she wants to be.

Misred-born Samantha Musa is a Zimbabwean radio personality, social influencer, philanthropist, brand ambassador, events MC & host as well as a TV presenter. She is a Media Personality Influencer and Brand Ambassador for ZiFM Stereo as a co-host on The Ignition, the daily breakfast show on ZiFM Stereo.

MisRed started and runs a small business marketing initiative on Twitter called Red Market Sundays. Through the initiative, every Sunday she invites small business owners to promote their businesses and she supports them with mentions and retweets.

Her life is an inspiration to most people. Check pictures of today’s Woman Crush Wednesday:








In other news – Shock as prophet Passion Java heals crippled girl – VIDEO

A video of controversial prophet Passion Java healing a crippled girl has circulated on social media. Zimbabweans are still trying to come to terms with the alleged shocking healing of the crippled minor.

In the video making rounds on the internet a crippled young girl is seen walking in front of the congregants with crutches. She walked to the man of God and was healed through baptism.Learn More

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