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Enzo Ishall in trouble with wife after erotic texts from unknown person

Zimdancehall musician Enzo Ishall recently found himself in trouble with his beautiful wife after he received naughty messages from a fan on Instagram.

The Vakamhanya Makarimwa singer, who is happily married to Mellisa Mafadzwa, wasted no time in taking to his official Instagram page to publicly castigate the culprit responsible for the naughty messages.

“To the person sending erotic messages on my phone, im going to post your chats and your number. Izvezvi Madam havachde nefone yangu. Stop”

Enzo revealed that the texts were of a highly suggestive nature, leaving him no choice but to issue a warning to the perpetrator.

The artist warned the unnamed culprit that he would shame them on social media by posting screenshots of their messages and phone number, thereby exposing them for the world to see.

Unfortunately for Enzo, his wife had confiscated his phone, and it seemed she wasn’t in a hurry to return it. The artist was understandably frustrated and upset by the whole ordeal.

It appears that Enzo’s bold move paid off. The stern warning vanished from his page, suggesting that the offender had learned their lesson and would think twice before sending any more lewd messages.

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