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Sikhala led the CCC members who started violence in Zengeza

ZENGEZA West legislator Job Sikhala yesterday appeared before Harare magistrate Yeukai Dzuda together with Zengeza West councillor Lovemore Maiko facing a charge of disorderly conduct.

The pair denied the charge during trial.

A police officer Keffus Kumurai and Zanu-PF supporter Pardon Chitembwe were brought in as witnesses after they were said to have been present at the scene of crime.

Kumurai told the court that he was patrolling in Zengeza while a Zanu-PF gathering was being held at the Zengeza 5 grounds.

He said suddenly a white lorry appeared with 40 people, including Sikhala.

“The people were in yellow coloured clothing. I ordered them not to proceed to the Zanu-PF gathering and Sikhala said they were doing a door-to-door campaign, which was not mandatory for them to notify the police.

They initiated violence led by Sikhala against Zanu-PF supporters,” Kumurai said.

He said a fight among the two political parties broke out and police had to park their vehicles between the two political party camps.

However, in a statement produced in courts, the policeman had said supporters of the two political parties threw stones at each other.

The police officer told the court that it was perhaps a typing error.

Chitembwe told the court that the truck Sikhala and opposition supporters were using had stones.

“Maiko was giving the youths more stones to throw at us, and Sikhala threw a stone that hit one of our members, Shepard Tawodzera,” Chitembwe said, adding that he is secretary for security in the party.

Trial continues on June 15.

Source: Bulawayo24

In other news-Kirsty Coventry kept in Cabinet because of her skin – Mzembi

Mzembi believes Coventry is being kept by President Emmerson Mnangagwa because of her white skin.

Responding on micro-blogging Twitter to one of his followers who said, “It’s not individual in ZANU PF, it’s the system. Tell me why Kirsty Coventry can’t renovate stadiums…” wrote one Harambee.

Kirsty Coventry

Mzembi responded saying, “That one is kept in Cabinet by her skin, she is a dismal failure! Mzembi is on the record for criticizing Mnangagwa’s government which he says is worse than former President Robert Mugabe’s. Learn more

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