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Tinashe Mutarisi claims corrupt officials threatened to burn all his business

Nash Paints factory in Graniteside was destroyed by fire on Thursday morning. According to the property owners, they confirmed they lost property worth US$1, 3 million.

Taking to social media Nash Paints chairperson Tinashe Mutarisi claimed some corrupt officials threatened to burn all his business if he doesn’t give them a cut.
“Sometimes the abuse we get from these corrupt officials is unbelievable!
I’m really not one to complain but sometimes people can just abuse their authority zvekusvika pakuti share or I burn everything that you have. If you really care for the thousands that benefit from this thing give me a cut.
Burn it then
Munhu wese ane breaking point! Enough is enough. The good thing is I kept receipts!
Hold on.”

In other news – Gold Mafia: Uebert Angel’s call to Mnangagwa was unfortunately not recorded

President Emmerson Mnangagwa was called by his emissary Uebert Angel, unfortunately the phone call was not recorded, an Al Jazeera investigative journalist has claimed.

According to the journalist who posed as Miss Sin, secretary to fake Chinese gangster Mr. Stanely in Al Jazeera’s four-part Gold Mafia series, the call was made by Angel at a time she did not expect it and had no recording device on her. Learn More

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