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Was Makhadzi paid R8,2 Million by Open Mic?

The fight between Makhadzi and her record label Open Mic continues. It all started when Makhadzi took to Twitter to put the record label on blast for its alleged unfair contract and her allegedly being not paid her royalties.

Her lengthy thread had read in part:

I signed with Open Mic only for three years. In [these] sp three years I dropped 4 albums. I have never received any cent of my sales. Some of my albums [s] reached platinum, some gold. And a lot of [the] hit songs that reached platinum and gold. But I continue to work without complaining [because] all I wanted was to serve my contract, to avoid them saying I bridged the contract.


I’m talking about the contract that I signed and no one [was] allowed to give me a copy. I worked with Open Mic without a copy of my contract ever since they said they will send it. I kept on reminding them but no one was willing to send me my contract.”

At the time, Open Mic seemed to blue-tick the situation. However, it seems that the record label has launched its own attack via social media to rubbish Makhadzi’s claims.

It is unclear where the information first stemmed from. However, payment records from Open Mic to Makhadzi’s management and entertainment business have been leaked on social media.

The leaked records allege that the record label has paid Makhadzi over R8.2 million between May 2021 and May 2023.


Moreover, legal documents directed at Makhadzi by Open Mic were leaked where the record label order Makhadzi to post a retraction of all the claims she has made of late against the record label.

While all of this has been happening, Makhadzi had focussed on making more music with Open Mic. This is as she took to social media to confirm that her EP is on the way. Moreover, it seems she is still intent on calling the EP Auto Renewal, which is a cheeky response to the alleged unfair contract she has signed with Open Mic.

However, there are those that have shared that Open Mic and the recent leaked revelations are all part of the record label’s social media campaign to tarnish her image. This is as it is alleged that Open Mic is paying social media influencers R80 to call Makhadzi a liar on social media.

Source: Zalebs

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