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Londie London claps back after criticism over new car from boyfriend

South African singer and reality TV star, Londie London has silenced all her haters after sharing a video of herself picking up a new set of wheels.

The reality TV star and singer shot up the trends list in January with speculation about her being spotted driving a Toyota Tazz amid rumours of the father of her children, businessman Hlubi Nkosi, taking back the car he bought for her.

She recently took to her Instagram stories alluding that her new partner had bought her a new car when sharing an image of herself at a car dealership with the caption, “Thank you, my love.”

Londie London

On Sunday, Londie shared a video of herself driving the car out of the dealership, saying the car was in her name this time around.

Forever yena. It’s in my name this time.”


Speaking to L-Tido, Londie admitted she had no control over the use of the previous car gifted by her former partner, and claimed Hlubi would take the car whenever she was in Johannesburg..

“Yes, there were certain rules he was trying to play in terms of the car situation, but obviously we were not together. I was at a Remy Martin event and yes, when I walked out the car was not there. I literally told the guard to keep a close eye on the car because it was not the first time the car was taken from me.”

Londie London

Londie opened up about what broke off her engagement, saying although he was supportive of her and consistent, he later changed and it had an effect on their relationship.

“So many things happened. When you started off as a consistent man. A man who was supportive, a man who did whatever it took to make your woman happy and you stop doing those things, what is going to happen?

“It got to a point where the relationship was very dark for me. There was no support. He was still living his bachelor life and I had plans alone when we had the plans together.”


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