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Roma boss charged for using abusive language towards official at Europa League final

Roma coach Jose Mourinho has been charged by Uefa for using insulting or abusive language against an official after Wednesday’s Europa League final.

The charge relates to an incident in a car park after the game, when Mourinho, 60, directed a foul-mouthed rant at English referee Anthony Taylor.

The Portuguese had been booked by Taylor in Budapest, where Sevilla beat Roma on penalties after a 1-1 draw.

Both clubs also face several charges over their fans’ and players’ conduct.

Sevilla and Roma have been charged with throwing of objects, lighting of fireworks and improper conduct of their team.

Spanish side Sevilla have an additional charge for invasion of the field of play, while Roma were also charged with acts of damage and crowd disturbances.

Uefa’s control, ethics and disciplinary body (CEDB) will decide on the matter in due course.

What did Mourinho do?
Mourinho criticised Taylor in his news conference and was later captured confronting the Englishman and other officials as they boarded a minibus in the car park under the stadium.

The former Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham boss repeatedly swore and twice shouted about a “disgrace”, before talking further in Italian.

Taylor and his family were then shouted at by angry fans in Budapest Airport.

During the game, the Manchester-based official, 44, was repeatedly called to the benches to take action as fourth official Michael Oliver struggled to keep control.

Taylor issued yellow cards to 13 players, the most bookings in a Europa League game. Seven of them were to Roma players, which was a record for a final.

Delays and injuries saw more than 25 minutes of injury time played across the four halves of the game, which went to extra time and then a shootout.

Airport abuse ‘abhorrent’ and ‘unacceptable’
Uefa says it “vehemently condemns” the “violent behaviour” directed towards Taylor and his family at the airport, adding “such actions are unacceptable and undermine the spirit of fair play and respect that Uefa upholds”.

A video shared on social media showed Taylor and his family being accosted as they were escorted through the airport. Scuffles then broke out as they disappeared through a secure door, while a chair was thrown.

Budapest airport officials said an Italian citizen involved in the incident had been charged with affray.

A Budapest Airport statement read: “Fans of the losing Roma team recognised the referee in the food court of the airport, where he was waiting for his flight to depart.

“Thanks to the airport operator’s close co-operation with the police and the increased police presence at the airport during the arrival and departure of the fans, the authorities intervened immediately, and the referee was escorted to a lounge and boarded his flight safely, accompanied by police officers.

“The Italian citizen involved in the incident was apprehended by the police and criminal proceedings have been initiated on charges of affray.”

Marciniak to remain as Champions League final ref
Referees’ body PGMOL said in a statement: “We are appalled at the unjustified and abhorrent abuse directed at Anthony and his family as he tries to make his way home from refereeing the Uefa Europa League final.

“We will continue to provide our full support to Anthony and his family.”

The Premier League said it was “shocked and appalled by the unacceptable abuse”. A spokesperson added: “No-one should have to suffer the inexcusable behaviour they had to endure.

“Anthony is one of our most experienced and accomplished match officials and we fully support him and his family.”

West Ham manager David Moyes, whose side play Fiorentina in the Europa Conference League final on Wednesday in Prague, said: “All referees have a really difficult job and shouldn’t be put through any difficult situations. That’s not correct.”

‘Mourinho should be banned for 10 games’
Before Mourinho was charged, former Premier League referee Keith Hackett called on Uefa to give him a 10-game ban and take tougher action against clubs.

“What is appalling here is that a referee has gone out and done his job,” Hackett told BBC Radio 5 Live. “It is a prestigious game for him – for an English referee to be appointed to the final.

“He was looking forward to that, he spent years of refereeing to get to the level he is at – he is a world-class referee. He delivers a very difficult game without much contention and then he is faced with this particular problem as he is in the airport.

“It is unprecedented and Uefa have got to take action. The sanction for Mourinho? They have got to come down with a 10-game ban.

“They have also got to ban the teams from Europe. They have got to be tough – throw them out of the competition.”

Hackett said Uefa must also take “responsibility for the security of match officials right up to the time that they leave the airport”.

Uefa said it “maintains a close collaboration with local police and airport security, starting from the referees’ arrival in host cities.

It added: “However, we are constantly striving to enhance the security measures for officials in co-ordination with local authorities. We will carefully assess the incidents and incorporate valuable insights into our future event planning processes.”

Source: bbcnews

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