How to eat fast food and still not gain weight

Achieving your dream body is no easy task. It comes with a lot of hard work, determination, dedication, consistency, and not to mention, sacrifice. All these disciplines go hand-in-hand, and while all are hard to keep up with, modifying your diet to keep in tune with your goal is one of the most heartbreaking sacrifices you have to make.

Foods like pizzas, burgers, fries, ice cream, and chocolates are equal parts delicious, unhealthy, and hard to resist, which makes avoiding them an incredibly difficult task. But keeping a few factors in mind, you can enjoy the heavenly taste of these comfort foods without letting them get in the way of your body goal.

1. Eat fast food at least once a week
Yes, you must eat fast food at least once a week, and no, you don’t have to completely give up junk food. Eating fast food once a week ensures that you are able to give your body what it needs without harming it, and it also helps in boosting metabolism by making your body burn more calories. Just make sure to have a cheat meal, and not a cheat day.

2. Go easy on sauces
For many people, fast food seems incomplete without condiments like ketchup, mayonnaise, or barbecue sauce. These condiments are loaded with calories, so consider avoiding or at least reducing your sauce consumption.

3. Drink water before eating fast food
The problem with eating fast food is that people often tend to overeat. That can be resolved simply by drinking water before you eat fast food. Water will make you feel fuller, and you end up eating less food than you would have eaten otherwise.

4. Eat mindfully
Mindful eating refers to being aware about what food you eat by realizing how it affects your body and mind. This is done by chewing food properly, eating slowly, and not being distracted by things around you. This helps in aiding better digestion, making you feel more relaxed and satisfied, and it helps to alert your mind when you are full.

5. Indulge in small portions
Fast food contains a lot of unhealthy ingredients like sugar, saturated fats, trans fats, and a lot of calories. While eating fast food once a week will not pose any harm in the short run, once you start regularly indulging in cheat meals, all these ingredients can come back to haunt your body. Therefore eat smaller portions to reduce the intake of these hazardous ingredients and to keep your body safe and healthy.

6. Eat only one meal of fast food
Fast food is loaded with calories, and just one meal of fast food has as many calories as three meals of staple home food, minus all the nutrition. Although it may be beneficial to eat junk food once a week, make sure that you eat just one such meal throughout the day, or your body might end up stocking all those calories which may end up getting stored as fat.

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