Remnant 2: How to Beat the Root Nexus

Remnant 2 has more than its fair share of bosses, all of which have unique abilities to try to kill threats and keep players on their toes. Despite appearing to be vulnerable and defenseless, Yaesha’s Root Nexus fits the mold of the popular Soulslike genre by giving players more than they bargained for in a relentless combat exchange.

Remnant 2

The Root Nexus is a unique boss in Remnant 2 as it doesn’t openly attack players to protect itself but leaves itself open for an assault. What sets this boss apart from others is its ability to summon a force of its own to protect it from harm, rather than the usual output of strong offensive sequences that players come to expect from a boss-type adversary. Here are some tips to overcome the deceptively challenging opponent.

Players will need to traverse much of Yaesha before they encounter the Root Nexus, which may mean they have used up a portion of their ammunition, health, and relics. Given the size of the challenge, it is best that players replenish their consumables and restore their health before engaging with the creature.

Fortunately, the Root Nexus sits just next to a checkpoint, so players should rest their character and come into the fight with a full arsenal. Once the combat engagement commences, the checkpoint will be unavailable, so this should be the first item on the agenda before tackling the challenge head-on.

Favor Melee Attacks

The Root Nexus, unlike almost every other boss in Remnant 2, is always vulnerable to attack, which makes causing damage to it relatively easy. However, it is its minions that provide the real challenge for players to overcome.

Remnant 2

Given that ammunition is hard to come by at the best of times, it is recommended that firearms are reserved for the various Root beasts that emerge to protect the Nexus. As for the Nexus itself, a flurry of melee attacks will be effective on the creature and not be at the expense of the player’s supply of bullets. In fact, melee attacks are the most damaging on the beast on account of its fleshy exterior and lack of armor, so offense at close quarters is best for making quick work of the creature and conserving resources.

Don’t Be Too Aggressive

While it is easy for players to unleash a barrage of attacks to rid Yaesha of the Root Nexus, it should first be understood that attacking the creature will have consequences. As the Nexus reaches particular health thresholds, it will summon a new batch of minions to fight for it, with each wave increasing in difficulty. This means that if a player spends too much time on the Nexus itself and does a significant amount of damage, they could easily find themselves overwhelmed by the number of Root creatures that appear to protect their master.

The most effective strategy against this boss is to remain patient. The Nexus will only summon creatures at certain intervals, so the most manageable way to overcome this challenge is to inflict damage in smaller amounts, defeat the waves of Root creatures as they appear, then return to work on the Nexus again.

Use the Space Available

Remnant 2

There are a number of open spaces surrounding the Root Nexus, and players shouldn’t be afraid to step away from the boss and use these fields to their advantage. The area where the Root Nexus sits can get congested quite quickly, making it more difficult to manage the number of Root creatures attacking the player, so a temporary retreat to the more open spots on the map can make for a more effective combat strategy.

The protectors of the Root Nexus will vary in size, strength, and attacks and will combine both short and long-range offensive maneuvers, so being in an area free of obstructions will help players successfully dodge incoming strikes and maintain a safe distance from the more formidable foes. Once the creatures are defeated, players can easily return to the Root Nexus to deal more damage.

Remnant 2 is now available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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