The Bare Truth About 1xBet: From Countryside Bookie to Top-Notch Industry Leader

It’s easy to get lost in all of the modern betting and gambling platforms. There are many websites online, ranging in quality significantly. Some are larger than others; some are well-known, and others have just started their journey to success.

1xBet is a name known to many. Love it or hate it, the platform has established itself as a serious global player. So nearly every bettor knows at least something about this platform, has heard about it, and has even played on it. Is there a magic secret? Probably not. Will reviewing the history of the platform be interesting? We’re sure that it will.

And that’s why we’ve made this article. We will cover the journey that 1xBet has gone through to be where it is now. If you want to know more about specific aspects of 1xBet’s platform, this text isn’t for you. We will only cover the bookmaker’s history and some main features and keep things informative, neutral, and close to the truth. Enjoy the read!

What Is 1xBet?

1xBet is a large international betting platform. It aims to be an all-around one, offering nearly everything that a bettor might find interesting: a big list of sports, a diversity of betting options, useful apps for iOS and Android, and even casino games. 

Let’s start with the list of sports. If you want to bet on a discipline, you can select one among many. There are football, basketball, and basketball if popular options interest you the most. Less common choices include handball, golf, futsal, and lacrosse. There are eSports as well, mainly represented by CS:GO, Dota 2, and League of Legends.

1xBet also offers casino games and various slots. The number of options is rather large; there are over a hundred games ranging from classical baccarat, poker, blackjack, and roulette options to more original choices, such as crash-based games, jackpots, and lucky numbers.

If you want to place a wager, you can enjoy a wide variety of betting markets: the first goal time, a total even, both teams to Score, a winning margin, a qualifying method, or a total number of scores. And, of course, you can try more common options such as handicaps, over/unders, and moneylines.

As is expected from a platform of this size, there are several ways to access the bookmaker from a mobile device. Mobile applications exist for both iOS and Android, offering a full range of features that you can use from the comfort of your phone. Moreover, there’s a fully functional mobile website. All of the versions look nice and feature a UI that’s easy to navigate.

1xBet also offers different ways to move your funds. They will largely depend on the market, with some options offered only in certain countries. For example, in Nigeria, you can use Skrill, Perfect Money, and Neteller for depositing, and AstroPay, SticPay, and other services for withdrawing. Moreover, the platform supports many cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Tron. The usage of crypto is especially crucial since the website works in many different countries across the world, and such assets are truly borderless in their nature.

How Did 1xBet Start?

1xBet is far from being the new player on the market. It was established in the 2000s — in 2007, to be precise. The company’s founders are originally from Russia and some other Eastern European countries. Still, they registered the firm in Cyprus, a common place for the headquarters of many companies from all over the world.

Originally, there were no plans for expansion beyond Russia and a few other markets where the company had operated since the beginning. It’s worth mentioning that the company that operates the platform is called 1X Corp. N.V.

The Path to Success

The majority of the platform’s growth happened naturally and organically. After getting more actively used in its original countries, the service started expanding into new markets. They also actively sponsored various sports teams to get more visibility. These deals worked, and 1xBet is quite known across the world thanks to its aggressive marketing campaigns.

Here are some of the clubs that were or are sponsored by 1xBet:

And that’s only the big ones. If we tried to list all of the lesser-known teams, leagues, and organizations, then the list would be truly massive. 1xBet takes the meaning of the words “international platform” to the next level, constantly adding new markets and extending its operation. The website also grows in its number of features and options; for example, during the last few years, the company has had a bigger push toward eSports.


Some platforms are more popular than others, and 1xBet is one of the names that nearly every punter knows. The company worked a lot to get to the level where it is now, and the road was long and, at times, bumpy. But it was a steady path to popularity that now seems well-deserved.

In our article, we described 1xBet, its features, and how the platform works. But the main focus of the text was to tell the story of the company’s growth. We managed to do so in a quick yet detailed manner, providing everything you might want to know in a few paragraphs. This text was purely educational, so we hope that you enjoyed the read and learned something new.

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