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1,940 motorists arrested on first day of police operation

On the inaugural day of an operation aimed at addressing “roadway lawlessness,” law enforcement took into custody almost 2,000 motorists. This nationwide inter-agency initiative, which runs from September 12 to 16, has seen the deployment of police roadblocks across the country, as revealed by national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi on Wednesday.

Nyathi stated, “The prevalence of road misconduct, particularly in major urban areas, has escalated to a disturbing and intolerable degree. Some drivers are causing chaos on the roadways by engaging in practices such as driving against oncoming traffic in one-way lanes, running red traffic signals, and committing lane infractions.”

He went on to explain that “pirate taxis,” commonly referred to as “mushika-shika” and “kombis,” have significantly encroached upon the passenger service industry, brazenly navigating the roads. They often disregard red traffic signals at controlled intersections.

This operation, dubbed ‘Tame the Traffic Jungle,’ involves the active participation of various entities, including the police, local councils, the Safety Council of Zimbabwe, ZIMRA (Zimbabwe Revenue Authority), the Central Vehicle Registration agency, and other relevant authorities.

Nyathi emphasized, “Law enforcement will ensure that the legal process is carried out without bias or partiality.”

The police are specifically targeting vehicles without proper number plates, vehicles picking up passengers at unauthorized locations, disabled vehicles lacking adequate signaling equipment like warning triangles, uninsured vehicles, and vehicles equipped with unauthorized accessories such as front bar lights.

On September 12, they reported the apprehension of 1,940 motorists and the seizure of 865 vehicles for various infractions. Nyathi also issued a stern warning, stating, “Motorists attempting to compromise the operation by attempting to negotiate with police officers at the scene or offering bribes to evade arrest will themselves face arrest.”

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