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Rapper K.O issues important advice to all upcoming artists

Popular South African rapper, K.O, who has been in showbiz for more than a decade, does not hold back when it comes to sharing information about how to maneuver and make it to the top, especially with the Amapiano genre which has birthed a plethora of new artists, but their arrival on the scene has resulted in raw talents who did not necessarily have adequate information about how to make it in the business.

When an aspiring artist recently asked the rapper for advice, the SETE hit maker weighed in on what he thought it took to get a big break.


If you can’t do it on your own try get signed to a credible label or get a proper management deal at least to help with the marketing. Build your brand, good music alone is not enough. Are you marketable? Do you have star power? Start there,” he wrote.

Amapiano sensation Lady Du also shared gems with her followers about recording music and royalties and why the entertainment business needs smart people.

In the post, the Umsebenzi Wethu hitmaker said she wanted to share advice so artists don’t fall into the same traps as she did.

“Guys, educate yourselves on streams and the music business, I beg you. Everything you see on the internet is not what happens in real life. You’ll give up on serious careers thinking you can make this work. Entertainment requires a smart mind. Don’t chase fame,” she wrote.


Lady Du said she had resorted to recording music at her home studio as she’d come to learn that whoever records the music or pays for the studio sessions would “automatically own the master” of the songs.

“Do everything right, sign contracts before recording. I’ll advise you don’t look for a manager, take someone you know, teach them the work then find promoters to work with. Learn to do things yourself. Please create contracts before recording so you know your splits before leaving the studio. If you have a lawyer to do it for you, even better. Also learn all types of royalties. Never record a song without finding out why you [are] recording it and what’s your benefit.”


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