Alan Wake 2 inventory upgrades and how to increase how much you can carry

It’s possible to upgrade your inventory space in Alan Wake 2, but you’ll need to do a little legwork. Developer Remedy Entertainment has designed Alan Wake 2 as a horror experience, taking big learnings from some of the best survival horror games – limited resources, challenging combat, and a set number of inventory slots which dictate how many weapons, items, and charms you can carry around with you at any one time.


As a result, hunting down Alan Wake 2 inventory space upgrades is something you’ll want to focus on the further you push through the game.

The ability to upgrade your inventory space is largely tied to the Alan Wake 2 cult stash locations for Saga Anderson and the hidden Words of Power in Alan Wake 2 for the titular writer. Below you’ll find details on how to find the inventory space upgrades for both characters in Alan Wake 2, with each unlocking an additional row of item slots.

Source: gamesradar

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