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Heavy rains expected in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is expected to encounter localized heavy rainfall, with precipitation of around 30mm, accompanied by strong winds and thunderstorms until the end of this week.

The Meteorological Services Department, in a statement, has encouraged the public to take precautionary measures to protect both plants and livestock from potential damage caused by thunderstorms. They also advise the public to remain indoors during thunderstorms and avoid using electrical appliances, as they are susceptible to lightning strikes.

The department explained that a cloud band originating from the Atlantic Ocean is gradually moving toward the country via Botswana. It started affecting the western borders of the country on Saturday evening and is expected to traverse the nation from yesterday through the end of this week, leading to the occurrence of scattered thunderstorms across the country.

In addition to these precautions, the public is advised to address any roof leakages, and, if possible, install surge protectors and lightning conductors.

Agricultural experts have also suggested that farmers should begin planting their crops if they receive at least 20 to 30mm of rainfall. Many farmers have already completed their land preparations and are eagerly awaiting the onset of rains to commence planting.

The public will receive updates and information through the department’s communication channels.

In other news – Zimdancehall star Dobba Don is back in the studio

Dobba Don is back in the studio and will be working with Oskid, the producer announced on his media platform. This comes after there have been a lot of reports about the artist going through a lot of unbearable circumstances.

Dobba Don who is known for his mudder hit song Mudendere in the dancehall fraternity also applauded fans who have shown him support during the difficult times. Read More

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