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250 students receive scholarships to India

At least 250 students have been awarded presidential scholarships to study in India. This was revealed by the Indian ambassador to Zimbabwe Shri Vijay Khanduja on Tuesday while welcoming Zimbabwean students who were in India recently for the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation Programme (ITEC).

Several Zimbabwean students narrated their experiences in India during the ITEC day held at a local hotel where Higher Education Deputy Minister Simeliswizwe Sibanda was the guest of honor. ITEC is a demand-driven program with a primary focus on capacity capacity-building needs of developing countries across the globe.

“These are other than the scholarships and training slots provided under various schemes in India,” said the ambassador.

“We have always been supportive of talent and shared and cared for the whole world as one family. The bilateral cooperation has significantly gone up in practically every sector in those couple of years, especially in the health, education, agriculture, and energy sectors.

“ITEC is a successful and much sought-after program in Zimbabwe. Starting with 3 Zimbabweans in 1985, over 1,000 students have benefited from the program since its inception.”

India has helped Zimbabwe in various sectors such as health, agriculture, and education.

“In the field of health, India has gifted 10 ambulances, and medicines worth about US$2,2 million to Zimbabwe. On the agriculture side, India has provided US$1 million from India UN Development Partnership Fund for climate change resilience agriculture in the districts of Chiredzi and Mangwe,” Khanduja added.

In other news – Kwekwe grade six teacher arrested for molesting 11 pupils

A male teacher from Mgandani Primary School in Zhombe, Kwekwe District has been arrested on charges of molesting 11 schoolgirls. The accused, Mawere Pepukai, a Grade Six teacher, was apprehended by the police on Thursday morning following a complaint from the parents of one of the alleged victims who visited the school.

According to reports, Pepukai targeted minor pupils from his class, engaging in inappropriate behavior such as proposing love, fondling their breasts, and forcibly playing with their private parts. Read More

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