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Jan Jam cashier steals clothes and opens her own shop

A Jan Jam cashier is in trouble after she allegedly stole clothes from her employer worth over US$ 4,000. Yesterday, Caroline Mutisi appeared at the Harare Magistrates Court for stealing clothes valued at US$4,000 from the store. The 24-year-old allegedly exploited her position by opening sealed sacks and taking dresses and mannequins.

Despite some of the missing items being found in her own store, the prosecution is against granting her bail, fearing she might flee. She will appear in court again this week.

According to Prosecutor Faith Mavhudzi, Caroline worked as a cashier and salesperson at Jan Jam shop along George Silundika Avenue in Harare from November 13 to 20. During this time, she was entrusted with three sealed bale sacks containing boutique clothes for safekeeping.

On November 22, Cynthia Bizure, the complainant and owner of Jan Jam, discovered that two of the bale sacks were unsealed. A stocktake revealed a loss of US$3,352 worth of merchandise. Further investigation revealed that Caroline had been removing wrapped items from the shop and sending them by taxi to an undisclosed location.

Cynthia received information from her security guards that Caroline had opened her own shop along Cameron Street in Harare. The State alleges that she instructed the taxi driver to deliver the stock, including mannequins and dresses, to Caroline’s new shop.

Cynthia busted her, and she led her to the Cameron Street shop, where they recovered four mannequins worth US$600 and dresses worth US$400. Subsequently, Cynthia reported the matter to the police, leading to Caroline’s arrest.

In othe news – Job Sikhala acquitted

Former opposition MP Job Sikhala has been acquitted by the High Court in a case where he was accused of obstructing the course of justice. The allegations stemmed from his purported announcement that a Zanu PF activist was responsible for the murder of Moreblessing Ali.

The State claimed that Sikhala posted a video with the intention of misleading the police who were investigating Ali’s dismembered body. Justices Pisirayi Kwenda and Benjamin Chikowero, sitting as an appeal court, ruled that magistrate Marewanazvo Gofa had made an error in convicting Sikhala in May of the current year. Read More

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