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Picture of Job Sikhala in chains during surgery goes viral

A picture of former MP Job Sikhala who is rumored to have been acquitted of all charges that were laid against has got Zimbabweans worried. Sikhala is seen undergoing surgery while chained to a hospital bed.

Sikhala is currently imprisoned for allegedly inciting public violence and public disorder, among a cocktail of charges. Yesterday, the High Court overturned his May conviction and sentence for obstruction of violence, declaring him not guilty.

Police arrested Sikhala on June 14, 2023, following the brutal murder of CCC activist Moreblessing Ali. He has been denied bail several times despite his deteriorating health and lack of evidence against him. He has spent more than 500 days in pre-trial detention.

Sikhala was accused of making a video that claimed that the ruling Zanu-PF party had killed Moreblessing Ali, a CCC activist, and of misleading the police investigations into the murder case. He denied the charges and challenged the splitting of the charges as a form of persecution.

Sikhala is diabetic, and throughout his pre-trial detention, he has had his health deteriorate. At one point, he was reportedly vomiting blood at Chikurubi Maximum Prison.

In October, his lawyer, Harrison Nkomo, told journalist Hopewell Chin’ono that he was passing stool with traces of blood after complaining of a rumbling tummy.

Today, Job Sikhala went for surgery to alleviate his illness. However, as he was lying on the hospital bed, prison officials fastened and chained his leg to the bed.

In other news – Prince William honours Zimbabwean ranger

A Zimbabwean wildlife ranger – Jealous Mpofu has received a prestigious award honour from Britain’s Prince William for his outstanding service to the protection of painted dogs which are under threat in Zimbabwe and most other countries in Africa. Mpofu, 54, a chief tracker at Painted Dog Conservation (PDC) at Hwange National Park was among several African conservation champions that were honoured by Prince William at the annual Tusk Conservation Awards in London on Monday (November 27).

The Prince focused his speech on environmental issues, emphasizing the need for collective efforts to combat the alarming loss of species and habitats in Africa. Mpofu won the 2023 Tusk Wildlife Ranger Award for his dedication and commitment in the protection of painted dogs in the country. Read More

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